workspace ajstudio.

ajstudio decided to turn this former laundry, then office into its own creative space. The central idea was to reintroduce natural light, to create a strong link with the exterior and to re-discover the original building squeleton.
A span has been opened, giving place to an external patio where interior and exterior limits are blurred by a total opening feeling given by glass
garage doors, adding sense of limitless space.
The one-piece brutalist bench-wall-tablet also contributes to an active and visual in and out experience. The raw concrete floor voluntarily faces a white enlightened space underlined by black steel frames and warmed up again with slight touches of wooden transitions and furniture.
This project naturally mixes architecture, interior architecture and furniture in a simple and subtle way.

location : Brussels.
surface : 225m2.
year : 2012.
pictures copyright : David Marlé.

workspace ajstudio.
ajstudio decided to turn this former laundry into its own creative space....